New Jersey police investigate children's threatening plan involving Clifton High School

Police in New Jersey are investigating after they say threats were made to Clifton High School. 
They say five Clifton fifth-graders from School 11 were arrested after they allegedly came up with a plot to "cause damage" to the high school. 
Police say the five students brought a "device" to school and were planning on using it while on a field trip to the school.
According to police, the device did not have any explosive properties.
The students were caught by School 11 administrators, who called police. Authorities also found written plans about how the attack on the high school would go down.
The students were arrested and released into the custody of their parents pending an investigation by Clifton police. They were also suspended from school.
Officials say due to the ages of the students, who are all between 10 and 11 years old, the exact charges they may face are still being worked out. 
Clifton police say there was no reason to believe anyone was ever in danger.
A spokesperson for the Clifton Police Department says an "outside influence" may have helped the students come up with the plan.