New Jersey’s gas tax could one day be replaced with a mileage fee

New Jersey’s gas tax may be on its way out.
The state Department of Transportation is studying a mileage fee for drivers as more people start using electric vehicles.
If a mileage fee went into effect, each car would have to have a mileage counter to charge each driver the right amount.
“People are very concerned about putting any type of an onboard unit in their car. When E-ZPass started it was the same thing. We’re not interested in where people are going,” Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti says.
She says that while a mileage fee isn’t imminent, the department has to start thinking about the future. She says that she does not support a change until more studies are done about a mileage fee.
The gas tax could be set for another increase before the end of the year.