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New legislative package to take housing crisis head-on

Mayor Adams announced on Monday a package of laws designed to help with the housing crisis in New York City.

News 12 Staff

Nov 14, 2022, 10:18 PM

Updated 585 days ago


Mayor Adams announced on Monday a package of laws designed to help with the housing crisis in New York City.  
A part of the new package is targeted to help New Yorkers in the shelter system exit or avoid the system entirely by helping unsheltered homeless New Yorkers get placed directly into supportive housing. This will be done through a pilot program called Street to Housing. 
The package also seeks to improve the City Family Homelessness and Eviction Prevention Supplement Housing Voucher Program to ensure more New Yorkers are eligible. It will also create an option for those with CityFHEPS vouchers who choose to secure an apartment above their voucher maximum to pay up to 40% of their income to secure it.  
“When we announced our housing blueprint in June, I said we are going to redefine success and work to attack the affordable housing crisis,” said Adams. “We are not going to stop at any level to make sure that we continue to do so, so we're not taking a victory lap, but we're darn sure not at the starting line.”

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