New poll looks into vaccination concerns among Americans

A new poll is looking into why some Americans won't get vaccinated.
According to an Economist/YouGov poll, Republicans are much more likely to reject the vaccine. They found more than a quarter of Republicans say they will not get vaccinated while only 4% of Democrats agree.
A big concern for people who won't get vaccinated includes theories of side effects and even microchips.
"We should take this information and help to frame the message that we send to the populations that have decided not to get vaccinated because not everyone is adamant," says Dr. Sandra Scott, executive director of One Brooklyn Health, Brookdale Hospital campus. "So we have to recognize amongst the unvaccinated, there are people who still need to hear a comforting story. They may still need to understand what is a side effect."
Scott explains those side effects could be soreness at the site of the injection to a day of feeling tired. She says one of the most important things for the public to understand is that the vaccines are safe.