New Rochelle adds 12 murals to beautify downtown

Twelve new murals are being painted onto sides of building throughout downtown New Rochelle through a $120,000 project.
The street art is being curated by Street Art for Mankind (SAM), a Westchester-based nonprofit that works with prominent street artists to create large murals around the world. It is in addition to the nine murals that were painted in New Rochelle in 2019.
Each piece of art has its own theme.
"They are themes that are related to the DNA of the community,” said Audrey Decker, co-founder, SAM. ”So for example, one would be about unity which would really express the diversity but the unity at the same time."
On Thursday, Mexican artist Carlos Alberto worked on an installation going onto the side of the new Westchester Family Court building in New Rochelle.
"We chose the flowers, the white roses because of the symbol of piece," he said. "We are also doing some butterflies at the bottom because they represent a transformation."
The mural is one of four he is creating in New Rochelle.
He is also the artist that painted a 3D image of King Kong on a wall at New Roc.
The outdoor art exhibit is also interactive.
Art lovers can download an app called 'Behind the Wall' which can be used to scan the murals and gain access to audio recordings.
"It works like an audio guide so you hear key people of new Rochelle who will tell you more about the mural but also you hear the artist talk about the mural as well," said Decker.
All murals should he completed by Sunday, May 1, when the new collection will be unveiled during a guided free Art Walk through downtown New Rochelle.
It's free and open to the public and will start at 11 a.m. at the Radisson Plaza.