New Van Gogh exhibit at Pier 36 wants you to step inside a living painting

The immersive, eye-opening Van Gogh exhibit at Pier 36 gives attendees the chance to step inside a living painting.
Starry night just got a little brighter. With the help of 90 million pixels, projected shining lights, and vibrant colorful video, state of the art technology giving us an up-close look inside the world of Vincent van Gogh.
Every color, paint stroke and detail right before our eyes in a larger-than-life way. Maria Shclover is the co-producer working out of the New York exhibit. She tells us she was captivated by this modern way of experiencing art and knew it would bring with it a way to enjoy timeless masterpieces with a twist
"The whole idea came from the European designer Massimiliano Siccardi who invented immerse art," Shclover explains.
Dasha Karol tells News 12 that since opening in June, this immersive digital experience has taken the Big Apple by storm. Thousands now visit each day.
"Think the effect is therapeutic and it is healing for people who spent so much time inside and it can ease them back into society because it is less noisy," Karol says.