New video evidence in ‘Junior’ murder trial too much for victim’s mother

Day 2 of witness testimony and cross-examination in the Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz's trial was a torturous experience for the slain Belmont teen's mother, who was distraught in the courtroom while jurors watched video never seen before by the public.
The videos that prosecutors presented showed the full fatal attack on Junior from an NYPD camera across the street from the bodega.
Prosecutors say the new video shows all of the suspected stabbers on camera from across the street. The video also shows the foot and car pursuit of the Belmont teen before he ran into the bodega and was dragged out.
Prosecutors called several witnesses to the stand, including police officers who corroborated video evidence pulled from different cameras showing portions of the Junior chase.
Junior's mother Leandra Feliz could not endure watching her son’s stabbing again, but remained in the courtroom as the videos played.
The first witness the prosecution called says she witnessed the attack from a similar vantage point shown in the new video. She also identified Jose Muniz Monday as one of the assailants.
Martin Goldberg, who represents Muniz, persistently asked the witness today whether she was sure she saw Muniz using his machete to actually stab Junior. The witness testified that she saw Muniz making a thrusting motion and saw the machete touch Junior's body.
The first witness also corroborated video evidence shown in court of Junior collapsed and bleeding outside of St. Barnabas Hospital, saying she was there with her friend who took off her shirt to try to stop the bleeding.
The trial will resume Thursday when a DNA expert is expected to take the stand.