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New Yorkers celebrate National Thrift Shop Day

The national day celebrates secondhand stores and shopping sustainability.

News 12 Staff

Aug 17, 2023, 10:18 PM

Updated 305 days ago


There’s no better day to thrift than National Thrift Shop Day on Aug. 17.
New Yorkers took to thrift stores to score some hidden gems for their wardrobe.
Brooklyn residents flocked to Housing Works Thrift Shop in Brooklyn Heights on Thursday, the day that’s celebrating secondhand stores and shopping sustainability across the country.
One Housing Works Thrift Shop employee told News 12 that there are plenty of great deals available and that thrifting is good for the environment as well.  
“Thrifting is a community based experience, and it’s also giving things a second life," said employee Daniel Rodriguez. "Sustainability, reusing things, giving them an opportunity again to re-enter the production and consumption cycles.”
Thrifting at Housing Works doesn’t can be done in person or online. Click here to check out their online store. 

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