News 12 The Bronx Numbers & Links for August 2021

Aug. 31

Catholic School Reopening Resources
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Aug. 30

Overdose Lifeline:
Get Help

Ask the BP Events
Vaccine Pop-Up
September 1st 1:00pm – 6:00pm
1625 Webster Avenue
Two complimentary cheeseburger extra value meals after vaccination
Bronx Summer Concert Series Grand Finale
Orchard Beach - Lawn
September 5th from 12pm – 8pm
9/11’s 20th year of Remembrance
September 13
Lou Gehrig Plaza
12:00pm – 1:30pm
Ask the BP Health Tip
Community Immunity: 
This week Bronx families are preparing their children to return to school after a year of remote or hybrid learning. Staff and students face a whole new set of rules related to COVID.  
Children can learn about the science and practical ways in which we protect ourselves from the COVID virus from a great resource called Hip Hop Public Health.  
Remember to keep a mask on and if you feel any symptoms call 311 to find out a testing site near you. 

Aug. 28

Vaccine Weekend of Good Faith

Aug. 27

The Download:
Minus Moonshine:
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Aug. 26

New Yorkers seeking to support Afghans arriving in NY:
Gov. Hochul
ONA Hotline - 1-800-566-7636

Aug. 23

Tickets to Times Square Ferris Wheel:
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New York Comedy Festival:
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Blood Drive Shortage:
NY Blood Center - 1-800-933-2566

Aug. 20

Aug. 19

What's Streaming:
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Det. Rafael Ramos Foundation fundraiser:

Aug. 18

Hostess Buns Recall:
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Donations for Haiti:
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'Friends Experience' wedding contest:

Aug. 16

Mental Health Support for Haitian Community:

Aug. 15

Veterans Crisis Line:
Suicide Prevention Hotline

Aug. 14

NYC Homecoming Concerts:
Free Tickets Information

Aug. 13

Cooling centers across the tri-state:
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Escape to Home:
Rustic coffee station

Aug. 12

Cooling centers across the tri-state:
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Aug. 11

Cooling centers across the tri-state:
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Chicken recall:

Aug. 10

Cooling centers across the tri-state:
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Aug. 9

Cooling Center Locator:
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Aug. 8

Summer Rising vaccination locations:

Aug. 6

Take the 'G To The Sea' MTA Subway changes to Coney Island Line:
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The Download:
New Wildtech dehumidifier recall:
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Bike 4 Friendship 2021:
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Aug. 5

Coney Island businesses hiring

Aug. 4

Pet BaRkery Class:

Aug. 2

Generator recall:
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Sun COVID update:
Gov. Cuomo
Excluded Workers Fund Application:
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"Play of Ice Impact On Kids" Email Address:
Destinations Added By CDC As High Risk Travel:
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