News 12's exclusive with Hillary Clinton circles the globe

News 12's exclusive interview that featured Hillary Clinton ruling herself out as a 2020 candidate has gone viral across the globe – the news was even discussed in a tweet from the commander in chief.
It all started with a simple question about the 2020 presidential race posed in Tara Rosenblum's interview with the former first lady and secretary of state.
"I know you said you can't envision a scenario where you run again for a third time....but can you tell me now standing here that you've 100 percent ruled it out?" asked Tara Rosenblum.
Clinton replied: "I'm not running but I'm going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe'.
Clinton and Rosenblum went on to discuss many topics, from women in Congress to life as a grandmother, but it was those 19 words that went viral.
Late-night comedians Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the news.

"Hillary made this announcement last night with News 12 Westchester, a local 24-hour news channel in upstate New York, but even though she made the announcement to a small news outlet the reaction to it was anything but," said Kimmel.
President Trump also couldn't resist joining the conversation, tweeting out in part, "Aw shucks, does that mean I won’t get to run against her again? She will be sorely missed?"
Within an hour, Clinton fired back with a tweet of her own, featuring a GIF from the movie "Mean Girls," with the caption: 'Why are you so obsessed with me?'
Shortly after, a New York Times reporter tweeted out, "Someone with Clinton” said she “wasn’t trying to be emphatic and close the door on running.”
Clinton repeatedly told News 12 she is out and vowed to continue speaking out.
"I'm going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe," she said.