Man paints portraits of Jersey Shore visitors through photos, interviews

Those visiting the Jersey Shore this summer may be stopped by a man who has made it his life's calling to tell the stories of everyday people.
Gregory Andrus runs a Facebook page called Portraits of the Jersey Shore where he interviews anyone and tries to tell varying tales of their lives.
Andrus starts with the same three questions -- what are you most excited about in life right now? What has been one of the happiest moments in your life? What has been the biggest challenge that you've experienced in your life?
Andrus says he's heard stories ranging from tragedies of homelessness and addiction, people abandoned by their parents and significant others and some who have overcome great obstacles to succeed in life.
The page tells so many inspiring stories - but Andrus has one of his own. He says he has overcome alcoholism, homelessness and nearly 20 years ago was shot in the head by an errant bullet as a bystander in a New Brunswick police chase.
But now he has lived to tell his and other stories, and has turned his page into a published book.
"Because we all have our stories, and our chapters are not finished yet," says Andrus.