No mail for months: Belmont tenants fed up with broken mailboxes

Belmont tenants are fed up after not being able to receive mail for months.
For the past three months, Luz Vasquez says her Crotona Avenue building mailbox unit has been broken.
“We can't receive any mail here until the landlord fixes the mailboxes,” says tenant Vasquez. “We call the office to complain about it, and they don't seem to be fixing them. They say they're going to fix it in the same week but never do." 

Like most tenants in the building, Vasquez has no choice but to hope her mail is at the post office. 

"We have six days to get our mail. If we don't pick it up they sent it back,” says Vasquez.

After numerous calls to the landlord, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started a petition.
She gathered signatures from her neighbors in hopes to get the mailboxes restored. 

News 12 called the landlord's office, and they claim new mailboxes should be coming in next week.

"I want the landlord to fix the mailboxes, so I don't have to go with my grandchildren and have to be waiting hours and hours at the post office,” says Vasquez. “We pay rent here and just want to be provided with the services we need.”