No tailgating – Islanders fans respond to new rules at UBS Arena

Islanders fans like George Miller, of Atlantic Beach, showed up hours before tonight’s game to check out the team's brand-new home in Elmont.
But some changes have come with the Islanders’ relocation to the UBS Arena – no tailgating is one of them.
"We've been [tailgating] at the Coliseum for many, many years,” said Miller. “I mean, half the crowd's in the parking lot."
Residents who live near the new venue say they have concerns – especially about noise and traffic.
Even though tailgating is against the rules, Islanders fans who spoke to News 12 say they do plan on having some food and drinks before the game in the parking lot. But they say they'll be responsible and respectful.
Islanders fan Seth Godnick was there early. He says he doesn't think tailgating will be a recurring problem.
"I think the tailgating aspect is getting blown out of proportion,” he said. “At the end of the day, nobody's tailgating unless it's opening night, or a playoff game. Sure, there will be people standing outside having a beer before the game – but on Jan. 15 in 25-degree weather, no one's standing outside for five hours before the game."
Arena workers will be patrolling the parking lots to discourage any tailgating.