Non-profit releases music video for original song encouraging mask wearing

A local non-profit is hoping to spread some love and an important message with an original song.

News 12 Staff

Aug 20, 2020, 11:52 AM

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A local non-profit is hoping to spread some love and an important message with an original song.
Hip Hop Public Health’s music video called “Behind the Mask,” encourages people to follow safety measures during this pandemic.
Earlier this year, Hip Hop Public Health released two songs to encourage hand washing and other safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic.
Now the non-profit has released a third music video, “Behind the Mask.”
“An R&B beautiful summer jam love song with a little bit of a hip-hop flair with Raheem DeVaughn who’s known as the Love King DMC from Run DMC and Doug E Fresh, our founding artists to send a message to New Yorkers to everyone around the world that we have your back you should have ours we can just take care of everyone if everyone could just wear a mask,” says Executive Director and CEO Lori Rose Benson.
Benson says with the number of COVID-19 cases in the country continuing to rise, they're hoping this catchy tune will get people's attention.
“We use this very unique model this combination of science and evidence-based behavior change theory and then a couple it with hip-hop and the culture and art of music and movement to really connect with people from an emotive standpoint,” says Benson.
The music video features artists, influencers and so many others from the community.
“You will see Chief Maddrey in there. You will see first Commissioner Benjamin Tucker. You’ll see a ton of folks from the faith-based community,” says Benson.
The hope is to get people listening, dancing, maybe even singing, all while putting their masks on.
“It seems that wearing a mask has become a political statement and for us from a science perspective from a public health perspective we feel strongly that this is a message for everyone and it’s really a message of love so we’re hoping that people are going to share this,” says Benson.

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