NY Auto Show: Buyers on the hunt

As the New York Auto Show continues in Manhattan's Javits Center, it's clear that these events aren't just for looking at some of the world's most exciting vehicles.
Jimmy Jenkins, a Honda representative, says that nearly 60 percent of people who attend an auto show are intending to buy a vehicle within 12 months.
Jenkins says the typical questions one will ask at an auto show are about cost, fuel economy, safety features or if the car is a good value.
Jenkins adds that these questions are all the more important since you can't test drive a vehicle at these shows — though he says that may be in the works.
If you attend a car show and you're ready to take the next step toward making a purchase, Jenkins says product specialists will get a potential buyer in touch with a dealer.
He says he thinks that auto shows have an appeal for buyers because they provide a more leisurely environment, as opposed to showrooms where salespeople can apply unwanted pressure.