Daily News: Love triangle led to Bronx slaying, body dumped in Yonkers

An apparent love triangle led to the stabbing death of a Virginia man inside a Bronx housing project, whose body was later discovered in a duffle bag outside a Yonkers bank, the Daily News reports.
Police say they discovered the body of 24-year-old DeShawn Cortez-Seaborne last month after he was fatally stabbed inside a fourth-floor apartment in the Edenwald Houses on Nov. 19.
Christopher Myrie, 48, of the Bronx, and his girlfriend Jonisha Graham, 29, are facing charges that they concealed a human corpse. They appeared Tuesday in Yonkers criminal court.
According to the Daily News report, the victim was romantically involved with Graham, and Myrie went into a jealous rage when he caught Graham and Cortez-Seaborne together.
Police say the pair dumped Cortez-Seabourne's body near a dumpster outside a Wells Fargo bank in Yonkers. They say surveillance cameras outside the bank and in a nearby shopping plaza led them to Myrie and Graham.
The couple has not been charged with murder yet as the investigation continues to unfold.