NYC dessert shop serves up authentic Mexican sweetness

A New York City dessert shop has mastered authentic Mexican dessert.
The flavors of Mexico can be experienced in paletas, or ice pops, sold at a Greenwich Village dessert shop called La Newyorkina.
Fany Gerson is the brain behind the sweetness at La Newyorkina.
“One of the reasons I wanted to start La Newyorkina was because I was looking for a place that had these sweets and I couldn’t find them anywhere,” says Gerson.
After touring Mexico and gathering research for a year, Gerson says she was ready to bring some of her favorite Mexican treats to the city.
“I’m very proud to be Mexican, and it’s very exciting that I get to do something that celebrates my culture,” says Gerson. “That I get to share with people that don’t know about it, butalso have a place that just takes you there.”
The shop has over 40 different flavor popsicles with fresh fruit chunks and exotic flavors like mango chili or a cinnamon caramel.
“There’s no better feeling than having someone who's from Mexico tell you my ice cream takes them back to their childhood,” says Gerson.