NYC Mayor Adams delivers State of the City address

His speech touched on four pillars: jobs, safety, housing and care.

News 12 Staff

Jan 26, 2023, 5:09 PM

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams delivered his State of the City address Thursday.
Mayor Adams' second State of the City address focused on housing, jobs, safety and care.
Adams outlined what he calls The People's Agenda - a new accelerator to connect 30,000 New Yorkers to apprenticeships citywide by 2030."We're going to bolster, build, and diversify the talent to create the best educated, best prepared workforce anywhere in this nation," said Adams.
In an effort to create better job accessibility, a new nursing education initiative will start in partnership with CUNY to support 30,000 current and aspiring nurses, doubling the city's current rate of contracting with minority and women-owned enterprises.
As shootings have dropped throughout the mayor's first year in office, the Adams administration narrowed down new strategies to fight crime, including community crime stat meetings that will take place monthly with the NYPD.
The administration says it is also hard at work regarding New York's most wanted criminals, as it looks to bring to justice roughly 1,700 known offenders behind some of the city's most violent crimes.  
The Get Stuff Built Plan was touched upon during the address, with a goal to provide 500,000 new homes across the city.
"We have committed a historic $23 billion for housing, including money for repairs to NYCHA buildings," said Adams. "We got the NYCHA trust passed, unlocking billions of dollars for long overdue renovations."  

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