NYCHA tenants say Sotomayor Houses struggle with heat, hot water

Tenants in the Sotomayor Houses in Soundview say they are struggling to stay warm with no heat or hot water amid brutally cold temperatures.
Sotomayor tenants say heat and hot water is a commodity that is not always working. Recently, heat went out for at least seven hours, but tenants say heat problems have been prevalent for awhile.
Tenants say they also have been boiling water for showers or taking trips to a local gym to use their showers in order to get hot water.
A NYCHA spokesperson says the Sotomayor Houses had low pressure in the heating plant, so it was not providing enough heat. They say staff raised pressure to distribute steam.
NYCHA says it will check on tenants to make sure reports are complete.
For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NYCHA says it had third-party vendors managing heating plants. Staff was doubled to handle service calls.
NYCHA says people can stay warm at a number of heating centers while repairs are made.