NYC's 2nd legal marijuana dispensary now open in Greenwich Village

New York City's second marijuana dispensary shop is now open, located right in Lower Manhattan.
The legal marijuana dispensary is the first one in the city to be licensed and operated by an individual with a prior marijuana conviction. Local advocates say this new cannabis pop-up is a step in the right direction to right the wrong of New Yorkers impacted by marijuana convictions.
Smacked LLC opened its doors Tuesday to a crowd of eager buyers looking to legally purchase recreational cannabis.
Roland Conner, owner of the store, says he previously served time on marijuana charges. Now he's turning what he calls an injustice into a family business. His 25-year-old son Darius was the first customer to make a purchase at his dad's new shop.
The Conner family says it's a dream come true for those New Yorkers who, for years, where criminally penalized by the justice system for possession of marijuana. Conner spoke to a crowd of supporters about the milestone as the first Black-owned business to legally sell marijuana in the city.
The owner says the pop-up shop will be open for about 28 days and then close for renovations. It will then reopen in the same spot soon after.
Smacked can be found on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village.