NYPD: 1 dead, another in critical condition in Kingsbridge Heights motorcycle crash

Police say a motorcycle crash late Sunday night in Kingsbridge Heights has left one person dead and another fighting for their life.
According to authorities, a motorcycle apparently swerved into oncoming traffic at around 11 p.m. on University Avenue near West 190th Street.
Officials say it was a 36-year-old man who was driving the motorcycle with a woman in her 20s riding on the back. It's unclear why the motorcycle swerved into the other lane, hitting a Mercedes Benz and knocking both of the riders off the bike.
First responders brought both of the victims to the hospital, but the woman was pronounced dead at Saint Barnabas. As for the man who was driving the bike, police say he is in critical condition.
The woman who was driving the car that they hit is OK.
A study that was released in April from safety group Transportation Alternatives found that New York City is on pace to have the most traffic deaths in a year since 2014.
To try to do something about that, Mayor Eric Adams recently announced a $900 million investment in safer street planning, which would include re-designing intersections and adding more bike and pedestrian lanes.