NYPD: 6% of employees call in sick amid coronavirus pandemic

NYPD: 6% of employees call in sick amid coronavirus pandemic

As coronavirus cases in the New York City continue to rise, there is growing concern over the safety of essential workers.
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Essential employees working in grocery stores, pharmacies and different city departments are required to report to work, including the police department. The police department says many of its employees are getting sick.

It says that as of Monday, more than 2,000 employees were sick, which police officials say accounts for about 6% of the department’s uniformed workforce. So far, 100 uniformed officers, and another 29 civilian employees in the department have tested positive for coronavirus.

The number of cases is only expected to grow. As an effort to continue to enforce people from gathering in groups, the department says it has officers patrolling and monitoring multiple locations to continue to educate people on the importance of social distancing.

Officials say on Sunday alone, dozens of officers stopped by restaurants, bars, salons, pharmacies, supermarkets and public spaces, and issued over 60 warnings at different parts of the city. They found people were still crowding in public areas, an issue they say not only puts civilians at risk, but officers as well. The department has been providing essential equipment to its officers and say it is continuing to order gloves, masks and sanitary supplies.

So far, the number of cases has a minimal impact the police force, but it is asking people to listen and stay home.