NYPD aims to improve service with program that allows community to give department feedback

New efforts are underway from the NYPD to improve the service it provides to New Yorkers, with a new program that allows the department to get feedback from the community.
The initiative is known as “How Did We Do?”--a program that NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea says will allow the department to know what works best in their encounters with the public.
The new push is aimed at better serving the community, by collecting feedback from city residents who have had police interactions.
"Our customers are the people of New York City and the people that report crimes or the people that are coming in, maybe to get fingerprinted or anything else. So what can we do differently, how did they view that experience, and how do we learn from it to get better,” said Shea.
Shea says posters will be put up at precincts and cards will be given out with a QR code that links to a customer service-like survey about the community member’s experience.
"It's not necessarily identifying things that are going wrong, it's also hopefully identifying things that are working well. But we know none of that if we aren't asking that simple question,” said Shea.
The initiative kicked off on Wednesday as a pilot program in the 25th Precinct in Manhattan and the 113th Precinct in Queens, with plans to expand citywide by the end of the year.
Officials say the pilot program will run from now through October, with adjustments being made as needed before launching the program to the entire city.