NYPD alerts Bronx residents about Honda car thieves

The 49th Precinct has alerted the Bronx community about car thieves who are targeting 2018 to 2019 Hondas.
The NYPD sent out the crime alert via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon. They say that owners who have these vehicles are encouraged to find off-street parking and to consider investing in GPS security devices.
Richard Pappas is the owner of Sound Design Car Wash and Alarms on Stillwell Avenue and says he's noticed the trend.
"The Civics.. CRVs they're obviously very popular, sometimes they'll want the wheels sometimes they want the whole car for parts," says Pappas.
Pappas says the problem is that many owners of newer cars feel as though their built-in alarm system is enough to ward off thieves, which he says is not the case.
He says owners also believe their insurance will cover whatever damage a thief will cause. "It becomes not just about a deductible. You're gonna face when you have full coverage but a lot of damage that can be $3,000-$5,000. It's not the wheel alone, it's the suspension and the brakes," says Pappas.
So what can you do to protect your wallet and your car? Pappas suggests secondary alarm and tracking devices, like the NYPD also suggested.
While these devices may run you a couple hundred bucks, Pappas says you'd be saving yourself a headache and potentially saving a lot of money on car repairs.