NYPD Blue Chips Program host softball championship between police precincts

Wednesday was a big day for kids in the NYPD Blue Chips Program as they took part in the final championship softball game between the NYPD's 77th and 115th precincts.
The game is all part of the NYPD Blue Chips Program, which partners up officers and kids. NYPD Officer Darnell Gatling says since they launched in May 2021, they've had close to 3,000 kids come through the program.
17-year-old Joseph Polanco from East New York says it's a unique and eye-opening experience.
So far, they've had basketball, football, volleyball and now softball leagues, but Officer Gatling says it's not just about sports.
"Once a week. the cops meet with the kids, and they go over schoolwork, what's going on in their community and each address a community issue," Gatling says.
The program is open to kids between the ages of 12 - 18, and Polanco encourages everyone to sign up.
Next up for the program is basketball. It’s free to sign up, so just stop by your local precinct or email bluechips@nypd.org for more information.