NYPD: Driver arrested for hitting demonstrator at George Floyd rally on Brooklyn Bridge

A driver is under arrest and three people were hurt during a rally on the Brooklyn Bridge that marked one year since the death of George Floyd on Tuesday.
Demonstrators were marching in the driving lane of the span when one driver tried to get around or get through the crowd by slowly driving toward them.
That's when authorities say one demonstrator jumped on the hood of the car, and the driver attempted to take off and struck another demonstrator on his way.
Police say the driver kept going for a few blocks with the demonstrator still on the hood of the car.
When an NYPD police vehicle drove off to apprehend the driver, authorities say a bicyclist in his 50s was sideswiped by the police vehicle’s mirror. He refused medical attention.
Police say the 21-year-old driver was arrested and taken into custody. His charges are pending.
The rally on the Brooklyn Bridge was one in which thousands took to the streets as large demonstrations took place all throughout Brooklyn from Cadman Plaza, Barclays Center and outside the Brooklyn Museum.
Some called it a day of action and remembrance to mark the death of George Floyd which led to the start of a worldwide civil rights movement.