Blue Lives Matter rally held outside Bronx police precinct

New Yorkers showed support for the NYPD during a Blue Lives Matter rally outside the 40th Precinct in the Bronx on Saturday.
Counter-protesters also shared their voices at the same time.
The 40th Precinct is right across the street from where the Black Lives Matter protesters gathered, and barricades separated the two groups.
Some protesters said they want the NYPD defunded, some are asking to abolish the department, and others said they want policing but in the way that it doesn't stigmatize the community.
On the other side, the Blue Lives Matter group said they will continue to support police because doing so gives them the extra strength to carry out their jobs.
"It puts a smile on their face. They remember why the put their vest and gun belts on, but it reenergizes them for the officers that weren't able to make it home, so that they can go out there now and they could finish the job that the officers we lost couldn't do," said Joseph Imperatrice, president and founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC.
While this rally was initially set up to support the Blue Lives Matter group, the law enforcement side said the counter-protesters have every right to be present as well.