NYPD holds gun buyback event in the Bronx

The NYPD held a gun buyback program in the Bronx Saturday in an attempt to get firearms off the streets.
There were two buyback drop-off locations where residents could go and turn in guns for cash, no questions asked.
The event was located at the Mitchell Community Center and also at the Holy Spirit Church. The two locations were selected based on high gun violence stats in the past year.
Participants received a $200 pre-paid card for turning in an operable handgun or assault rifle, or $25 for each rifle, shot gun or air gun turned in.
In 2016, the gun buyback program helped take 165 guns off the streets, an accomplishment the Bronx district attorney says the borough should be proud of, but push to improve on.
"The violence here calls for us to do everything that we can to prevent deaths by gun violence or just even victims of gun violence," says Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark. "Turn them in because you never know where that gun will end up."
The process is anonymous and no ID is required.