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NYPD releases new school safety protocol

The new protocols were released one day after two students and a security guard were shot outside of Williamsburg Charter High School.

News 12 Staff

Feb 10, 2023, 1:54 AM

Updated 495 days ago


The NYPD released new school safety protocols Thursday due to the recent violence happening in the vicinity of schools.
The NYPD said they want to ramp up school safety with more officers being present physically at private, public and charter schools.
Even though Williamsburg Charter High School was closed Thursday for in-person learning, NYPD officers patrolled the very same spot where gunshots were fired a day earlier.
The incident marked the second school shooting that happened in Williamsburg this week.
Co-founder of the Lay The Guns Down Foundation Mike Tucker said more must be done to prevent this sort of violent behavior.
The NYPD also said they will increase the number of officers assigned to patrol outside of schools.
They want at least six youth coordination officers assigned in each precinct.
The commanding officer will meet with principals from schools once a week, which Tucker thinks is a step in the right direction.
Others in Williamsburg, however, are concerned about the new rollout plan and if it will be effective.
The NYPD also said incident reports will be detailed and submitted by school safety agents directly to nearby police precincts so that they are prepared to take action if necessary.

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