OEM: City bracing for impacts of snow, rain, sleet from storm

City officials gave an update Friday on what to expect from the winter storm that's on track to hit New York City Saturday into Sunday.
The Office of Emergency Management held a press conference from its headquarters, letting New Yorkers know they aren't taking the storm lightly. Officials from nearly a dozen agencies were on hand to give information on how they were preparing for the weekend.
A common theme between several speakers was an emphasis on the uncertainty of the storm, with rain, snow and sleet all in the forecast.
"We've lowered our indicators. We use to do things perhaps for 3 to 5 inches, now we're looking at it for 1 to 3," says NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito. "We're looking at worst-case scenarios ... all the agencies are leaning forward a little sooner."
The Department of Sanitation also says those who have trash collection on Saturday will still have it picked up, albeit with some delays.