Officials and neighbors in Park Slope demand better traffic safety

The school, parents, and city officials came together to write a letter to the Department of Transportation.

News 12 Staff

Apr 10, 2023, 11:53 PM

Updated 470 days ago


A Brooklyn parent, who recently risked her life to save a group of Park Slope elementary school students crossing the street, was joined Monday by city officials and community members to demand better traffic safety.
P.S. 107 is located at one of the busiest morning intersections in the Park Slope neighborhood, and Council Member Shahana Hanif says that parents should not be responsible for the safety of the students.
"A parent from P.S. 107 was struck by a speeding vehicle as they tried to shield students coming into the school building," said Hanif. "We should not have to force parents or anybody to shield themselves and our youngest New Yorkers."
The school, parents, and city officials came together, writing a letter to the Department of Transportation. The DOT says they're now installing speed cushions, turn restrictions, and more school zone signs to the area. They say they're also working to install pedestrian intervals for side streets and permanent speed cameras.
According to Hanif, by next month, the area around P.S. 107 will be transformed to resemble a school safety zone. For now, mobile speed cameras will be rotating around the streets to track cars in the area.

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