Officials ID 3 dead in Edgewater murder-suicide

Officials say three people were killed in an apparent murder-suicide in Edgewater.
Bergen County prosecutors say 53-year-old Michael Stasko fatally shot his wife, Melissa, and their 8-year-old daughter, Mellie. Stasko then took his own life, officials say.
Edgewater police found the bodies in the couple's bedroom at the Windsor at Mariners Tower apartment complex on Tower Center Drive on Friday evening.
Prosecutors say the bodies were discovered Christmas night after Stasko's brother-in-law called Edgewater police when the three failed to show up at his house in Missouri.
Officials believe the shootings likely happened late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.
They say the wife and daughter were shot in the back of the head, most likely while they were sleeping.
Police say the weapon was a .45 caliber gun, with hollow-point bullets. A towel was placed over the front of the gun, likely to silence the sound.
Officials are investigating a motive in the shootings.