Olinville resident creates short film about incidents in Bronx Park East

There are so many stories to tell in the borough, but one Bronx resident has decided to shine a light on his neighborhood through a short film.
Vladimir Gomez looks at Bronx Park East differently than most.
Where some see a park, the Olinville resident sees an opportunity.

"Like the park is weird when you go inside, like there's pathways that lead to nowhere and there's tunnels that are like really awkward when you go inside,” says Gomez.

That is why he chose the park as the backdrop for his hybrid horror documentary short film "Rosewood.”

"I’ve been hearing like a bunch of stories about the park, like weird, odd stories and I have seen a couple of weird, odd things in the park as well,” says Gomez.

Some of those stories were ripped from the headlines, where Gomez used footage he documented along with dramatic re-enactments using his family and friends.

"I want the audience to feel like a short experience through Bronx Park East, through the tunnels, basically a walk in the park,” says Gomez.

He hopes his film will spotlight some of the issues in the area.

"I really want people to pay attention to what's going on around us and you know, the community as well,” says Gomez,
Gomez's hard work will be on display this Sunday at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.