On the Road: 'Can You Jump? Experience, Volume 2' teaches importance of Juneteenth

The "Can You Jump? Experience, Volume 2" that will take place Saturday in Belmont Park teaches kids about Juneteenth while they enjoy a neighborhood classic game.
The event includes double dutch, dodgeball, sack races as well as events that teach kids the significance of the day.
"I think it is important to educate the children on things that they don't know. I have a 13-year-old, and he didn't know what it was either and now he is interested and wants to do and it's just something to do in the community," says organizer Sade Frazier.
"We said, 'You know what, we are going to go back to the basics and bring the kids outside and teach them.' I would say it's a life skill because it's teaching them how to interact with each other after being in quarantine for so long but also a reason to establish that community engagement," said organizer Bridgett Brantley.
The event is scheduled to start around 1 p.m.
Juneteenth became a state holiday in Texas in 1980, making it the first state to officially mark the historic day.