Overdose prevention forum aims to limit deaths across the borough

An overdose prevention forum will be held in Throgs Neck to try and combat the opioid epidemic in the borough.
The Bronx has the highest overdose deaths of all other boroughs, according to the city's Department of Health.
The 45th Precinct and the Throggs Neck Community Action Partnership reached out to the Throggs Neck Resident Council to hold an event to prevent overdose deaths.
According to the DOH, the Throgs Neck-Pelham neighborhood average for opioid overdose deaths is more than 4 percent higher than the average for the city.
Throggs Neck Resident Council President Monique Johnson says the forum will teach people in the community how to use naloxone, which is an opioid overdose reversal drug that is credited for saving many lives.
"I am a product of drug use, I come from drug use so I am always conscious about reaching down and pulling people up," Johnson says. "If I was given the opportunity to live life again, who am I to deny someone else?"
The forum will be held Thursday at the Kips Bay Recreational Center in Throgs Neck at 6 p.m.