Owner of Bronx restaurant damaged in crash looks to reopen

An out-of-control car slammed into EVO Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant on Monday.

Carmen Grant and Rob Taub

Jul 17, 2023, 9:30 PM

Updated 315 days ago


An SUV slammed into a Bronx restaurant on Monday.
The crash, caught on surveillance video, happened at Evo Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant in Parkchester. It left damage including shattered glass flying onto the sidewalk, support beams swinging from their hinges and electrical coils ripped from their wall sockets. Nobody was injured in the crash.
“The whole side left of the storefront has to be repaired,” said EVO Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant owner Manny Pichardo.
Pichardo has owned the restaurant for over 20 years and says this will be the first time in several years the business will not be open seven days a week.
“The staff depends on it the families they depend on it for their living, so if we are closed how are they going to make money to survive, we have to pen up right away,” added Pichardo.
Pichardo hopes to reopen his restaurant to customers by this weekend.

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