Owner of popular Christmas home says show will go on

A well-known holiday house in the Bronx has not been lit up yet, leaving many fans concerned.
People flock to the Garabedian House in Pelham Parkway to take in the sights and sounds of the popular house, but this year they crowds have come up empty.
News 12 spoke to homeowner Gary Garabedian, who says some things have gotten in the way.
"We had some family problems. We had some injuries, right now the families … we are working on it, but all of a sudden it got very cold and we are trying our very best," says Garabedian.
But the reveal is coming very soon.
"I am putting some rugs down right now, and I got to put some mannequins out and the figures for the kids ... we are ready to go. ...this will be ready by next weekend," says Garabedian.