Oyster Bay HS physical education teacher honored with national award in New Orleans

An Oyster Bay High School teacher was honored this weekend as the Shape America 2022 National High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year.
Charlie Rizzuto has been teaching health and physical education on Long Island for 15 years, helping many students along the way.
"I think he took a different approach to teaching and he really got us emotionally in depth with ourselves and that was very helpful in high school," says Jaiya Chetram, a junior at Oyster Bay High School.
Chetram nominated Rizzuto for the award, which he won at the group's convention in New Orleans over the weekend.
"It was an emotional experience, and in all honestly, more rewarding than even receiving the award, was to feel the love from the health and physical education community."
He says he is going to continue teaching the way he has been and continue to grow.
Rizzuto hopes to collaborate with teachers near and far to push physical education and health forward.
Rizzuto also coaches the lacrosse and volleyball teams.
He has even inspired former students to go into physical education, some who work at Oyster Bay High School today.