P.S. 58 remains closed following holiday break due to staffing concerns

Public school students were set to return to the classroom Monday, but the principal at P.S. 58 elementary school kept the doors closed due to staffing concerns.
Parents received an email Sunday night from principal Katie Dello Stritto that said she made the decision to close the school because of staffing shortages caused by the coronavirus.
She added that she believes the Department of Education did not provide a "clear response" to the crisis, so she took matters into her own hands and closed the school without official permission.
Principal Dello Stritto also wrote in the email that she didn't believe it was fair for families to wait any longer for DOE guidance, after they failed to respond to her emergency inquiry to close.
A DOE source also said they were working to provide staffing supports to the school when the principal sent the note.
Mayor Eric Adams said his administration is looking into the closure.
A spokesperson for the Department of Education said in a statement in part"We have robust measures in place to immediately address any staffing issues to keep our doors open for the hundreds of thousands of children and families who rely on schools as a lifeline every day."
In addition, Adams stressed that city schools are open and he plans to keep them open. He is also urging principals or staff in need to reach out to the DOE COVID Response Situation Room.
City officials said the school is expected to open Tuesday.
A source at the Department of Education says they were trying to work with the school to get adequate support staff before the principal decided to close for Monday.