P.S. 59 students greeted by dancing teachers, superheroes on first day of school

Students at P.S. 59 in Brooklyn received a warm welcome back to school on Monday.
Complete with dancing teachers, high fives from Captain America, and giveaways from the NYPD, students at P.S. 59 were greeted with excitement when coming to their first day of school.
The staff wasn't shy to show their kids how much they were excited to kick off the year and reunite with some students they hadn't seen in over a year.
"We hope everyone has an amazing first day. I love hyping up the energy with the highest amount as possible," says Ms. Ferdinand, the school's counselor.
Of course, there were some last-minute jitters from kids and parents.
"It's kind of weird because we started in the pandemic," says eighth grade student Jayla Hollis.
But it didn't take long for nervous jitters to turn into excitement. Teachers and students are back in the same classrooms to kick off the school year.