Pace University journalism students to cover Puerto Rico

A group of Pace University journalism students plans to head to Puerto Rico in an effort to shed light on the continuing hardships residents of the island are facing following the slow recovery after Hurricane Maria.
About a dozen students are preparing to head out next Tuesday and cover what appears to be the biggest story of their fledgling careers.
But it's also going to be educational.
"Students learn how to tell a story from start to finish," says Maria Luskey, who has overseen the school's documentary program for the past 15 years.
Past trips have sent students to Costa Rica, Brazil and Cuba. The school had planned to go to Puerto Rico earlier, but the storm forced Pace to cancel those plans.
Months later, with the recovery lagging and many on the island left isolated and ignored, the school decided to try again.
"These are 3.5 million American citizens who are in a desperate and dire situation, that months after the hurricane, they still need our help," says Gabriel Rivera, a Bronx native who has relatives in Puerto Rico.
In the next two weeks, News 12's Aime Rodriguez will be following the class to Puerto Rico for updates.