Parents frustrated by communication regarding alleged threats at New Hyde Park Memorial High School

Increased police patrols were outside New Hyde Park Memorial High School Tuesday after an audio clip containing alleged threats was heard by parents on social media.
The clip, which is over six minutes long, features two boys talking.
One boy says, "We all shot each other once. Some of us will shoot themselves and then I have a plan--a perfect plan of where to hide the guns. Although they bring hounds in so...after we're done, we'll set the school on fire."
The school's principal sent out a robocall saying that the clip was from two months ago and has already been addressed.
"In September, the school received a threat," the principal said. "We immediately investigated and notified the Nassau County police. After a thorough investigation, it was deemed there was no credible threat to New Hyde Park Memorial High School...There has been no additional information disclosed indicating that there is a credible threat."
Parents like Mahvish Haleem are questioning why they were not told sooner.
"Everyone's like 'what's going on?,'" Haleem says. "So, it doesn't make sense to me. If something is going on, parents should know."
Other parents say they are just happy the situation has been taken care of.
Authorities say there is an ongoing police investigation.