Parents in Park Slope up in arms over removal of elementary schooler’s mural

Students and parents were upset that the mural, which had things like equality, safety and Black Lives Matter on it – at P.S. 295 was removed without an explanation. The mural put up on July 6 was gone just a week later.

News 12 Staff

Sep 28, 2021, 5:03 PM

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Parents are outraged that a fifth grader's social justice mural was taken down by a school principal because he didn’t like the expressions written on it.
Students and parents were upset that the mural, which had things like equality, safety and Black Lives Matter on it – at P.S. 295 was removed without an explanation.  The mural put up on July 6 was gone just a week later.  
One of the former parent coordinators, Amanda Bissell, said she was told to keep quiet on the situation.
“I found out by text. Lisa (Pagano) said she talked to the superintendent, and they agreed it should come down and they asked me not to tell anyone," Bissell said.  
Bissell told News 12  she resigned from her position back in July after hearing the news. She felt by keeping parents in the dark, she wasn’t doing the job she had agreed upon.
“What people really want is to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again,” she added. “That there is an approval process which is backed up by action and the principal says it can go up that it stays up.”
One parent felt the mural taken down violated specific rules.
“They violated the chancellor's regulations by taking it down in the dead of night without telling anybody,” said Elton Dodeson, a parent of District 15. “Why would they take it down without telling anyone unless they knew what they were doing is wrong?
Parents say they have had back-and-forth conversations with the two principals and the superintendent of the district. There was also a conference call with Mayor Bill de Blasio. They are hoping to see action taken with a town hall meeting set for Wednesday.

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