Parents of man hit by truck in Throgs Neck search for suspect

The parents of a man who was hit by a truck in Throgs Neck Monday are pushing to catch the person who was behind the wheel.
Jared D'Amico's parents say their son left home Monday to see a girl he is dating and never came back. They later learned he was admitted to a hospital.
D'Amico suffered a broken femur, spinal fracture, fractured ribs and lacerations to the kidney and liver.
Police are not sure who hit D'Amico, but they say he was hit on Tremont Avenue between Miles and Harding avenues. They say a good Samaritan called police after hearing some commotion.
"I felt numb. I didn't even know what I was doing when I got home last night," says Kim D'Amico, Jared's mother. "I chatted with people from my job and I literally lost it, I lost it to the point I stood outside my front door and I yelled his name twice."
The family is hanging flyers around Throgs Neck, calling on the community for help. They are also working with police to track down surveillance video or any information that could lead to an arrest.
"He hit my son and left him there to die is what he actually did, and if he could do it to our son, who else could he do it to?" asks Noel D'Amico, Jared's father.