Parkchester restaurant gets national recognition for plant-based options

Parkchester restaurant gets national recognition for plant-based options

One Parkchester restaurant took a chance, adding some new plant-based menu items and it has truly paid off.
Neerob has become the first in the Bronx to receive recognition from a national organization for its commitment to offering whole-food and plant-based options.
Rogier Van Vlissingen says he committed to a plant-based diet four years ago, which means he eats mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and nuts.
"My weight went down in seven months from 190 to 175, which was my weight when I was in school. So, it just works, and you feel better," says Van Vlissingen.

As the Bronx group leader for the national organization Plantpure Communities, Van Vlissingen aims to spread the word about the benefits of his eating habits.
When he met the man who opened Neerob about a year ago, the owner of the Parkchester restaurant agreed about the value of the lifestyle.
In January, the spot that specializes in Chinese halal fusion, added an entire plant-based section to its menu.

"Day by day, there is people getting more. Because if today you got two, then next week we have four people. So, when they eat it, they feel better than," says manager Ahmed Shamim.

In February, Neerob was recognized by the Plantpure Communities Restaurant Campaign, which requires at least one whole-food, plant-based item prepared without oil on the menu.
Neerob actually has five options. A list the manager is looking to grow.

“They ask us, we need more, and we are selling that, you know, those kinds of plant-based food,” says Shamim. “This will grow because people will learn by example.”