Pelham Parkway community aims to find person who fatally shot beloved neighborhood cat

Members of a Pelham Parkway community are pleading for someone to find the person responsible who fatally shot a beloved neighborhood cat with a BB gun.
Some residents say the incident might not have been the first attack on street animals in the area.
Dixie was not a stray cat. Residents say she was the neighborhood's cat. She had to be put down after the BB gun pellet injured her spine.
"I was just there to hold its little paw during its last moments," says Evelyn Rodriguez, kitten counselor for Little Wanderers NYC.
Rodriguez brought Dixie to the veterinarian where they took an X-ray that shows the BB gun pellet wedged in her spine.
"BB gun pellet broke her spine and caused her legs to be completely paralyzed," Rodriguez explains.
Cellphone video captured Dixie dragging herself through a backyard in her final moments.
"She had kittens. Kittens that are missing their mom," Rodriguez adds.
Neighbors turned to social media for more information - and it came, all from a few blocks' radius.
"Two cats were injured in their paws" says Aime Sinclair, who found two more cats shot this past summer.
"They couldn't walk," Sinclair adds.
The cats were discovered steps away from where they found Dixie.
"It doesn't stop with Dixie. It's going to continue until this person is stopped," Sinclair says.
Now the community filed a police report and is asking for anyone who knows more to come forward with information
"Be a voice for the voiceless," Sinclair pleads.