Pennsylvania woman faces murder, manslaughter charges in fatal Longwood moped strike

A 28-year-old Pennsylvania woman is facing charges following a deadly crash over the weekend in Longwood over the weekend.
Police say Lillibeth Vasquez was driving down Fox Street on Saturday when she slammed into 23-year-old Robert Jimenez who was on a moped at the intersection of Fox Street and Intervale Avenue.
Law enforcement officials say that the Honda vehicle driven by Vazquez was driving in the wrong direction on Fox Street and that the moped was on the sidewalk at the time of  the incident.
Jimenez was rushed to a hospital and was pronounced dead after. Jimenez's friend, Carlos Diaz, says that his friend's life was taken far too soon, and that he wants everyone to remember Jimenez for the amazing person he was. 
"Loving, smiling, energetic, always there to just make somebody's day," said Diaz. "He just was having a baby, just getting his job, just starting life, just so sad that it was just taken away so short man, I'm going to miss him dearly."
Nearby neighbors who witnessed the tragedy say that they believe Vazquez intentionally hit Jimenez's moped. 
Vasquez has been arrested and has pending charges for murder and manslaughter.