Petition: St. Theresa Feast problems need addressing before next annual event

A petition is calling for change following chaos last week at the 23 annual St. Theresa Feast in Pelham Bay, where hundreds of kids were caught on camera running through streets and leaving damage in their wake.

Community members say the problems need to be addressed before the event can be celebrated next year.

On Monday, a Facebook group called "The Future of St. Theresa’s Feast Pelham Bay NY” was created, as well as a petition of the same name by The Friends of Community Board 10.
The petition states "there needs to be a discussion and a solution before the permit for the next St. Theresa’s feast is allowed in 2020," citing the possible need for barricades or increased police presence.

The petition comes after the wild scene on Sunday. Kids were seen on video causing damage to stores and cars, and sending residents into a panic.

 Dotti Poggi started the petition, and says every year the feast has a problem and it’s getting worse.  The petition is looking for 100 signatures before it’s sent off to Councilman Mark Gjonaj's office.