Pilot program deploys nearly 3,000 electric scooters to the Bronx, but some residents oppose them

If you’ve been out in parts of the Bronx lately, you’ve probably noticed electronic scooters on every corner after the city launched an electric scooter pilot program. 
However, some Bronx residents aren’t too happy about the new rides. Approximately 3,000 electric scooters from Lime, Bird and Veo are now calling the East Bronx home, but some neighbors are saying no thanks. 
"We're not just social animals in your social experiment. Living beings are being detrimentally harmed by the pilot program,” said Founder of Friends of Pelham Parkway Roxanne Delgado.
Bronx residents say the electric scooters are being left lying on the ground and not helping the community as they should. 
The scooters are supposed to be dropped off at special areas on the sidewalk marked off with white paint, like a location visible on Watson Avenue. 
Lime tells News 12, “When scooters are parked improperly, residents can report it to us via our app or calling us and we always aim to fix the issue as soon as we can."
Veo also tells News 12 that, “Users who park improperly receive one warning, and any subsequent incident results in an account suspension."