Pit bull attack victim recovering

A 62-year-old man who is among two injured by a pair of pit bulls over the weekend cracked jokes Tuesday as he continued his recovery in the hospital.
Francesco Bove's right ear was nearly bitten off in the attack. The dogs' teeth also took chunks out of both of his arms.
Francesco was working on Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Friday morning when the dogs snapped. He says he crawled inside the church, convinced that he was going to die.
Father Jonathan came to his aid. The priest reportedly tried to stop the bleeding, anointed Bove and administered his last rights.
After two long surgeries, Bove says he's ready to forgive.
He says he hopes lawmakers will pass a bill to protect similar dogs.
"Adopt them and try to find a way so they don't get killed," Bove says. "Because they didn't know. They didn't know."
The dogs are being monitored by Animal Care and Control. There is no word yet on whether they'll be euthanized.

Their owner was charged with eight counts of assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.